3 Tools to Help Your Marriage Right Now

The urge to do something is probably pretty pressing.  I can relate to that.  You are here, now, at this site for couples and reading a possible solution.  That took courage and I would like to make it worth your effort.

This video is the first in the series of looking at ways to improve relationships starting with a unique tool which has been highly praised by those I work with. Especially with those whose lives are busy making it difficult to connect. 

Continuing in the Making It Better together framework, this presentation offers you a way to begin to look at your behavioral patterns for ways to improve automatic responses (behaviors and habits) that often result in less than desired outcomes.​

Ever have a moment where you meant well, but it appeared that you some how missed the mark in communicating with a loved one, child or friend? Take a look at a way to engage more fully by understanding this technique.


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